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Don’t you read all of the material about frauds that Craigslist shoves in see your face whenever you spot an advertising? They’re perhaps not kidding, you know.

Cashier’s checks certainly are a flag that is red. Providing to offer more cash compared to real cost of the product is a giant, big, blazing, unmistakeable red flag.

Giving these individuals your title and mailing target has transformed into the worst thing you could do; did you know just just what identification theft is? Well, maybe maybe maybe not the stupidest thing… that might be really accepting and depositing the cashier’s check, which can be simply planning to jump 2-3 weeks later on and then leave you keeping the case.

CL is really carrying this out thing that is exact (anonymizing mail both in instructions) and a lot of of the reactions you will get have a hyperlink in the bottom you are able to click to mark a response as “annoying”, “spam” or “scam”.

  1. Jik Post writer March 28, 2013

Yes, I said that already in a improvement at the top the publishing.

It’s being implemented but CL hasn’t made both s email protected. If We reacted right back, my e-mail is confronted with them but We can’t ever see their e-mail unless they provide it for me in your body. I tested it on two CL reports I could reply but still couldn’t see the address because I couldn’t reply at all with Yahoo and with Outlook. I tested having buddy; We asked her to answer my post. She saw my target as soon as we taken care of immediately her response e-mail. Sucks. Anybody understand means surrounding this?

  1. Jik Post writer April 5, 2013

When we attempted it down not long ago, it absolutely was positively anonymized both methods.

I recently attempted it once more, and once more it absolutely was anonymized both in instructions. Continue reading