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FTM Associated Hyper Hyper Links. This site is definitely under construction.

We will continue steadily to add more links once I can.

Keep in mind that numerous links particular to binding, packing, hormones, shaving, clothes, and footwear is found inside the specific parts on this web site.

For extra resources, please additionally look at FTM Books web web page, which features FTM and transgender games, along with publications about males’s subjects such as for example shaving, barbering, and magnificence.

FTM Websites

The Transitional that is www. Thetransitionalmale is an extensive website, addressing health insurance and surgery information, resources, change guidelines, guide listings, along with providing a type of FTM items on the market (binders, packers and packaging harnesses, prosthetics), a large Brothers Binder Program, and many FAQs. Nick, the website owner, is quite helpful and responsive to concerns.

FTM Passing Recommendations
Andy’s Passing recommendations web web site has a great deal of information and it is updated often. Includes great tips on hairstyles, binding, packing, clothes, footwear, sound, mannerisms, restroom usage, along with links to services and products of interest to trans guys.
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