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3 p.m. Catch Some Rays at Jester King Brewery. Given that your team is experiencing and…

Given that your crew is feeling and looking fresh, it is time for a visit to Austin’s award-winning art alcohol brewery, Jester King. Based in western Austin, a 50 moment drive from Shed, Jester King’s unique container art, experimental way of brewing, and employ of wild yeasts has received them a lot of well-earned attention. Grab a chair at among the picnic tables, choose an alcohol, and jump onto a free of charge trip for the brewing facility and aging room. You’ll have actually a time that is amazing up sunlight and sampling beers because uncommon as Equipoise (farmhouse ale made with ginger sodium and tarragon and re-fermented with cantaloupe) or because approachable as Biere de Miel (farmhouse ale made with honey). Make sure to grab some big format bottles to get hold of to you, the majority are available just during the brewery!

7 p.m. Dinner at Vince Young Steakhouse

All that sunlight (and alcohol) has made you hungry, positive thing you made a booking at Vince younger Steakhouse (Yes, the same former quarterback for the UT Longhorns). Continue reading