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just What intercourse workers and consumers really would like you to definitely realize about the company of sex

Although the HIV illness rate among feminine intercourse employees is undeniably high, these brand new infections weren’t just included in this. Intercourse employees’ clients represented about 12% for the brand new infections. Customers’ partners – people who may not have purchased sex inside their lives – counted for nearly 3% of brand new HIV infections.

These data reveal that the criminalisation of intercourse work – the consensual buying and selling of intercourse between grownups – sets everybody in danger. It drives sex work underground – putting sex employees and customers susceptible to real violence and HIV infection while providing them with little recourse to justice underneath the legislation and access to healthcare solutions, for concern about being exposed.

Legislation reform could alter this. A 2014 research posted into the Lancet medical journal discovered that decriminalising sex work could avert between a 3rd and nearly 1 / 2 of all brand new HIV infections globally within the next ten years among intercourse employees and consumers.

However in the meantime, customers and workers can synergy to make intercourse work safer – plus it begins with learning the company of sex. The justice that is social Sonke Gender Justice has posted helpful tips in what you should know. Below is definitely an edited extract:

1. Master the lingo

Words matter. Into the intercourse work industry, it’s important to utilize terminology this is certainly respectful. For example, the word “sex work” is recommended to your term “prostitution”, which includes historically derogatory and moralistic connotations.

The expression “sex worker” acknowledges that intercourse tasks are work that will come with all the current defenses of labour law that other employees enjoy. Continue reading