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The use of league tables – and, consequently, title inflation during the 1990s

Within the formative times of the loan that is syndicated (the belated 1980s) there was clearly often one representative that syndicated each loan. “Lead manager” and “manager” titles had been doled call at trade for big commitments. As league tables gained impact as an advertising device, “co-agent” titles had been usually found in attracting big commitments, or perhaps in instances when these organizations really had a task in underwriting and syndicating the mortgage.

exploded. Certainly, the title that is co-agent become mostly ceremonial today, regularly granted for just what amounts to a maximum of big retail commitments. Generally in most syndications there clearly was one lead arranger. This organization is known as become regarding the “left” (a mention of the its place in a old-time tombstone advertising). There’s also probably be other banking institutions within the arranger team, which might have a tactile submit underwriting and syndicating a credit. These organizations are reported to be in the “right.”

The various games utilized by significant individuals into the syndications procedure are administrative representative, syndication representative, documentation agent, representative, co-agent or handling representative, and lead arranger or guide runner:

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