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Cardholder Faq’s. Getting cash at any ATM showing the Cirrus, Mastercard or VISA symbol/name?

Guidelines: Utilising The Bank of America Crisis Payment Prepaid Credit Card

Acquisitions with a signature:

Present or swipe your card. Choose “credit”. Indication, bring your receipt and card.

Acquisitions by having a PIN:

Present or Swipe your card. Select “debit” and enter your PIN.

If provided by the merchant, the terminal will then ask you if you’d like cash return. When you do, type in the total amount while the cashier shall dispense the money for your requirements. Constantly be sure to make the Card and receipt once the transaction is completed.

Ways to get money at any ATM showing the Cirrus, Mastercard or VISA symbol/name?

Insert the Card. Enter your PIN. If asked which account to get into, try picking “Checking” and if that can not work choose “Credit.” Press Advance Loan or Withdrawal. Each system is somewhat various, so stick to the directions offered on display. Eliminate and count your cash. Eliminate the Card and receipt. Maintain your receipt for the documents. Note: For ATM deals performed at a non Bank of America ATM, the dog owner or operator of this ATM may charge a extra cost.

In the event the card is lost or taken, along with previously registered your card, the financial institution will be sending you an alternative Card. Please see the Schedule of Bank costs which you received aided by the Card as there might be a charge to displace the Card or reset your PIN. Continue reading