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Nine what to find out about dating for moms and dads (and about dating moms and dads!)

With this task in your mind, we surveyed 580 Americans anonymously: single mothers, solitary dads, and the ones without children, to see nine details about dating as being a moms and dad (or dating a moms and dad) in the usa.

Dating and solitary moms and dads: nine what to understand

1. Moms and dads are popular. Actually popular

As EliteSingles psychologist Salama aquatic records ”there is a type of myth that finding love as an individual moms and dad is much more difficult because having kiddies supposedly places individuals down” 1 and even, there could be some hurtful stereotypes about solitary parents 2 – specially those in the dating scene. Cheerfully, we are able to ignore these ridiculous misconceptions in preference of an easy, pleased truth: our latest user research has revealed that moms and dads are actually, actually dateable.In reality, 91percent of Us citizens might have no qualms after exactly about dating somebody with children.

Salama explains ”as this study reveals, nearly all folks are available to the thought of conference parents that are single. They truly are regarded as separate and much more experienced, and later better in what they’re searching for in a relationship. Continue reading