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Don’t Ban TikTok. Make a good example of It. The response happens to be: lots

There clearly was plenty the U.S. federal federal government could do in order to make sure that TikTok acts responsibly without getting rid from it completely.

    Posted 26, 2020 Updated Aug. 14, 2020 july

For some time, it seemed that TikTok might dodge the techlash. All things considered, exactly exactly what could possibly be problematic of a video that is short-form featuring a number of teens and 20-somethings doing choreographed dances, roller skating, chilling out in influencer mansions and cutting into photorealistic cakes?

The clear answer actually is: lots

Within the year that is past as it’s become the most popular apps in the field, TikTok has accumulated a number of the exact same issues that other large-scale internet sites have actually. In addition to any or all the Gen that is harmless Z, you will find TikTok conspiracy theories, TikTok misinformation and TikTok extremism. There are also activists making use of TikTok to influence our elections, including a community of teens and K-pop fans who advertised they utilized the application to sabotage President Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Okla., final thirty days by registering for seats under false identities. Continue reading