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In Hong Kong, girls are extremely worried about their physique.

Germans try not to judge others

Why? Because individuals judge you according to every thing. From behind if you see a girl who is a little fat and wears a short skirt, you will hear people talking about her. “Oh, she must not wear a quick dress to expose her fat legs! ” “Wow, glance at that woman! Appear to be some elephant feet! ”

It’s not unusual for females to hide on their own as they do not wish to “expose their weakness”. In a hot summer time time, my buddy nevertheless wore a lengthy sleeve coat. She was asked by me why. It had been currently so outside that is warm. I was told by her because her hands had been fat. ( And her arms are not fat after all! )

Whenever you shop around in Germany, you can observe girls wear whatever they want to put on aside from their human body size. These are typically also naked into the sauna. People respect each other and never judge. In the event that you date a German man, he can maybe not believe it is appealing in the event that you decide to try to full cover up your “weakness”. If he loves you, he can love you in general. Be confident of yourself and that allows you to more desirable.

German dudes care about the way they look

German dudes worry about the look of them: they dress precisely if they head out; they like putting on tops; they make yes their hair appears good; they cannot head out with shorts and slippers, also only for a visit to your supermarkets outside. Continue reading